Dr Jose (Pepe) Subiris

Dr. Jose Subiris qualified as a doctor from Malaga Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malaga ,in Spain. After five years working as a General Practitioner he moved to UK. Following training and specialisation in various hospitals in England and Northern Ireland he completed his training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

He is registered with the Royal College of Medicine  and Surgery in Spain. He is member of the SEGO ( Sociedad Espanola de Obstetricia y Ginecologia). He practices in Malaga at his Private Clinic and at two General Hospitals, Hospital Dr. Galvez and Hospital Vithas Parque San  Antonio) where he performs major gynecological operations and has performed the delivery of his patients ) since 1999.


Obstetrics and Gynaecology Services

Dr. Kyriacos Ioannides

Dr. Ioannides has recently joined our medical team practicing in the field of Aesthetic medicine.  Kyriacos embraces our clinic with a wealth of expertise in minimal invasive procedures.  The treatments, experience and clinical judgment are key factors which are a testament to his success in this field.


Certified in the UK and registered under the General Medical Council Dr. Ioannides has graced some of London's finest Aesthetic Clinics.  GOMC is privileged to have Kyriacos perform advanced Botulinum toxin and Dermal filler injectable procedures using the top of the line products and techniques.  He specialises on a variety of skin conditions, Collagen Booster treatments, Chemical Peels, Microneedling,&  Platelet Rich Plasma.



Asethetic Medicine

Aesthetic Medicine



Dr. Francisco Mena

Dr. Mena  has been practicing in Gibraltar for the past 20 years.  He is a highly motivated individual,  Franscisco is well established in our community,  and is highly regarded as one of our leading GPs providing top end general practice.

Francisco is registered in the UK under the General Medical Council as well as being a fellow within the society of General Practitioners

General Practitioner ( Specialising in Cardiology)

Dr Manuel Perez Noguer ( Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Dr. Manuel Perez Noguer is our Consultant Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgeon registered with the Royal Collage of Surgeons in Spain.  Dr. Noguer has over 25 years experience in Orthopaedic Medicine and performs all major joint replacements of Knee, Hip & Shoulder. Manuel is a specialist in shoulder conditions including shoulder replacement prosthetics.


Mr. Noguer enjoys an extensive portfolio of treatments for all major  joints with Osteo Arthritic conditions which include Stem Cell Technology & Growth Factor infiltration for joint preservation. He takes pride in providing his patients with high end technology with a unique and specialised approach

Special Interests: Shoulder pathologies, Stem Cell Tech, Growth Factors and Joint replacements,  


Orthopaedic Surgery Services

Mr Steven Soussi

Mr. Steven Soussi is a member Orthopaedic practitioner under the British Orthopaedic Association and & Association of Orthopaedic practitioner UK. Steven Is renowned for his Sporting achievements and has therefore centered his practice encompassing Sports Injuries and more specifically bio-mechanics.


Steven has achieved a wealth of experience working alongside many distinguished Orthopaedic Consultants both in Gibraltar and in Spain.  His main focus of practice is within his passion of sports therapy and the manufacture of Orthoses and Orthotics within the Orthopaedic Technology practice.

Special Interests: Sports Injuries, Bio-mechanical assessments, Orthotics & Orthosis manufacture, 

Providing: Sports Therapy and Orthopaedic Technology

Sports Therapy 


Orthopaedic Technology Services

DR. Susan Toth ( General Practitioner )

Dr Susan Toth is a highly competent General Practitioner who, after acquiring high quality specialist training in General Practice, has gained wealth of experience of approximately 22 years in primary care. She is registered with GMC (UK) with license to practice as well as  Gibraltar Medical Board, Irish Medical Council and Hungarian Medical Board. She is also a member of British Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine,  British Association Of Sport and Exercise Medicine.

Dr Toth decided to practice privately after working for nearly 3 years in the Gibraltar Primary Care Center (GHA ICC) to be able to put patients first at the heart of delivering person centered, empathetic, comprehensive care and incorporate preventative and health education for health and well being of her patients. She ensures continuity of care during patient’s illness and course of life.

Her expertise is drawn from wide range of experience, skills and certification she acquired during the course of her practice which includes acute medicine, A&E experience, care of elderly, musculoskeletal conditions, ambulance service as GP for several years and predominantly in primary care. 

She offers a revolutionary approach to healing the whole person, focusing on wellness, health and prevention, giving more time and attention to the person rather than just treating diseases.


Acute illness & General Practice  Services

Dr Keti Pachkoria

Dr Keti Pachkoria-Board Certified Specialist in the field of Ophthalmology. Dr Pachkoria as a Consultant Eye-Surgeon has a superior understanding of anatomy around the eye and face and can use that to your advantage in her treatment. Dr Pachkoria understands how to achieve the rejuvenated, natural look for her patients. She has extensive training in the uses of Neuromodulators (Botox), fillers, threads and other minimally invasive procedures.


Unlike many others, she knows “when to say when” with Neuromodulators (Botox), dermal fillers, threadlift and how to individualise injections for patients. Dr Pachkoria will be injecting your Botox, dermal fillers, etc and will personalise treatment to make you look natural, refreshed and younger without being "overdone".

Dr Pachkoria is registered with GMC in the UK and Colegio de Medicos in Spain. Her special interest in oculoplastistic/lid surgery, skill sets and talents set her apart from other aesthetic physicians. Dr Pachkoria speaks English, Russian, Spanish and Georgian.


Aesthetic Medicine

Professor Pauline M Dowd BSc(Hons) MD FRCP

Professor Pauline Dowd is a Consultant Dermatologist and has interests in vulval diseases of the skin and connective tissue diseases in which a great deal of research was undertaken, both in terms of basic disease processes and treatment. She has conducted research into the treatment of acne over several years and into its causation.

Professor Dowd also undertook a considerable amount of research into the parthologenesis of psorisis and has long experience in its management as well as undertaking general dermatology and mole monitoring.

Special interests: Acne, connective tissue diseases, psoriasis, vulval dermatology.


 Dermatology Services

Dr. Andrew Sene ( Consultant General Surgeon )

Dr. Sene qualified as a doctor from Trinity College,Cambridge University and Charing Cross Hospital Medical School , London in 1978. Following training and specialisation in various London and Manchester Hospitals he was employed by the Gibraltar Health Authority for about 27 years gaining vast experience.

His main concern has always been the patient and his priority is to provide a good quality and honest service with minimal complications. 


At our clinic Andrew will provide expert advice and consultations and will perform minor surgery safely and with as minimal discomfort as possible.


General Surgery Services

Mr. Miguel Crespo ( Massage Therapist )

Mr. Miguel Crespo Graduated in Physiotherapy at the Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia (2010-2014). - He furthered his career by attaining an Msc in Osteopathy and is registered at the Professional College of Physiotherapists of Andalusia,  Mr. Crespo is qualified physiotherapist not registered in the UK under the HCPC. 


Miguel specialises in Dry needling and Electrolosis Percutaneous Intratissue techniques, and ultrasound guided infiltration.


Special interests: Cervicalgia, Motor neurology deficiency, Spinal rehabilitation.

Providing : Soft Tissue Manipulation, Electrolosis Percutaneous Intratissue, & Ultrasound Guided Injections 


Sports Therapist

Mr. Brad Power

Mr. Brad Power is our registered UK Osteopath, with an incisive interest in Sports Injuries.  He is an active footballer playing currently for St. Joseph's Football Club and the Gibraltar National Squad.  Brad has been practicing locally for over a year and will be forming part of our Sports Injury Unit


Brad specialises in All conditions relating to back pain, musculoskeletal conditions, & Sports Injuries


Special interests: Cervicalgia, Motor neurology deficiency, Spinal rehabilitation, Sports Injuries

Providing : Soft Tissue Manipulation, Laser Therapy & Ultrasound 


Osteopath (MSO)

Elaine Caetano (Psychotherapist)


Psychotherapy Services

Mr. Robert Koziol ( Chiropodist/Podiatrist )

Robert Koziol qualified in podiatric medicine in Birmingham  And practiced in hospital and private practice in the U.K. Before moving to Gibraltar in 1989 .Robert worked at the Westminster clinic and then the Valmar clinic before moving to the Gibraltar Orthopedic and Medical clinic.


He practiced at st Bernard's for the GHA and also for the military at the queensway clinic . Robert has appeared several times on TV and numerous times on radio.


He is the author of many published articles and prides himself as Gibraltar's first qualified Chiropodist/Podiatrist. He is also a member of the sociedad de podólogos en Andalucía colegiado in Seville university 



Podiatry/Chiropody Services

Mr Juan Garcia, BSc (Hons) Clin Physiol, BSc (Hons) App Sp Sci, MSc (Mod) Clin Assess, MSCST, RCCP.


Mr. Juan Garcia is a registered Clinical Physiologist under the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists, UK.  


Juan is  involved in an array of clinical cardiorespiratory diagnostics including exercise tolerance stress testing, echocardiography and stress echocardiography, arrhythmia analysis, pacemaker review, pulmonary function testing, and sleep apnoea assessment. He has taken part in postgraduate work in Health and Exercise research.  He has worked in Exercise, Cardiac and Respiratory testing since 1999.  


Physiology Services

Geraldine Canepa Stress Management Consultant/ Adolescent Counsellor

Geraldine has been working in this field for nearly 15 years.  She is an active member of the International Stress Management Association in U.K. She is well known for organising the Health and Wellbeing Event and International Stress Awareness Day in Gibraltar.


She treats a whole range of stress related disorders such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, anger issues, low self-esteem and occupational stress. Her holistic approach focuses on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health.  By addressing each area of your life and any contributing factors she can create a stress management plan that is unique to you and your lifestyle.


Geraldine is also a qualified Yoga teacher.  This enables her to teach relaxation techniques which she believes is very important in managing stress.  These techniques are also included in her sessions.


Stress Management Services

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