Stress Consultant 


Stress Consultant

Even the strongest people need help sometimes. And only the wisest seek it.


Others resort to unhelpful coping strategies like eating too much, drinking too much, withdrawing into ourselves, or working harder to achieve perfection and control. Or maybe something else which interferes with their sense of wellbeing.


How is this done? Through a unique blend of powerful therapeutic techniques tailored to you. This provides clarity, confidence, skills, health and energy so that you feel supported and empowered. 

Change can be tough on your own but with the right support you can navigate your way through life’s challenges feeling stronger, wiser and happier. And without losing any of the life-lessons you have gained along the way, making the experience worthwhile.

Stress resilience is a corner stone of success, health, happiness and positive relationships. 

The  first session is always a very thorough consultation where we look at the various aspects of your life and how they might be contributing to your problem.

Therapy is an investment in yourself which will be paid back many times over.