Cardiology Services





Our Cardiology service begins with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and specialists who posess all the necessary skills and technology to efficiently diagnose & treat our patients in this field of practice.  We have recruited the highest regarded professionals to be at the forefront of this major branch of medicine.

At GOMC we understand the urgency required when dealing our coronary patients, and for that same reason we have developed a systematic approach to patient care, where all aspects of investigations are carried out efficiently and with up-most urgency.

We carry out blood analysis, ECG’s, Stress Tests & Echograms in-house, as well as monitor our patients at home with our holter equipment be it ECG or Blood pressure.  We are proud to be the prime instigators of also providing a more holistic & less conventional treatments offered by our consultant through immuno therapy and the development of IV therapy ( boosting of the immune system via selective minerals and vitamins).

Here are some of our procedures

Blood Analysis

ECG – resting

ECG – Stress test

Holter ECG – Home use (24 Hrs)

Holter Bood Pressure – Home use (24 Hrs)

Echocardiogram – Ultrasound imaging of heart